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Work that we are undertaking to improve and develop the website

We will be adding more information on Gareth Group Facilities Management, Gareth Group Marketing and Anarchist Media soon. To find out more about the businesses and not for profit projects within The Gareth Group, please visit the websites above.

Website development work we have undertaken and completed

The new Gareth Group Law website is now launched. Across the organisation we are still working on launching blogs for each of our businesses and for Roof and we aim to bring these to you towards the end of November 2012. We have also now launched the new Roof website. 

EU Cookie Policy and Accessibility 

We have implemented a cookie management policy in line with new EU legislation across the Gareth Group websites and we have improved accessibility for disabled people. We are also working on incorporating a screen reading service. 

Infrastructure and Global Deployment

Internally we are reducing the size of our PDF documents to add to our new networked secure casework, contact and relationship management system whilst developing a new infrastructure training programme to roll out in December 2012. 

We welcome your feedback..

We always welcome feedback, by telephone or by Email. You can send us Emails by completing one of our secure contact forms. Each contact form is configured to ensure that E-Correspondence is sent to the correct department.

Important Note

Please note we are not:

Barristers (Legal Services Act [2007] (S181)(1)),

Solicitors (Solicitors Act [1974] (S21)) 

An incorporated body (Administration of Justice Act [1985] (S9 and S9A)).

We are not regulated by the Law Society or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As such we cannot give legal advice and none of our activities amount to the same.

"Gareth Group Law" simply refers to our politically neutral interest in upholding fair access to and provision of services offered to people by the public sector and in lawfully campaigning for public bodies to adhere to legislation for the benefit of wider society. 

Any use whatsoever of this website and in particular the Gareth Group Law and Roof websites signifies your acceptance of this position.

We may be able to..

Act as a McKenzie Friend

We derive our discretionary power to quietly assist or to otherwise present a case with the Court's authority and at their discretion as a McKenzie friend (McKenzie v McKenzie [1970] 3WLR 472 3 ALL ER 1034 CA) or otherwise as Litigants in Person.


Gareth Group Law Advocates are not Legal Advocates and our work is solely carried out in the United Kingdom.

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