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Jenny was a Lady who became ill in her thirties having began to suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder that became more and more apparent after the birth of her first child.

Despite Coventry City Council Social Services Department having become involved with her family after the birth of her second child and her children being taken into care at different times, Coventry City Council concluded that Jenny was uncooperate as opposed to suffering from a mental health problem that could be diagnosed.

Whilst her children were taken from her, Social Services made an abysmal effort in pushing for a one time referral for a psychiatric report. Jenny was left behind for over a decade.

Despite Jenny having a history of mental health problems dating back to her twenties, mental health services in Coventry, more recently provided by Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust (NHS), saw fit to consider Jenny not to have any kind of acute mental health problem and that the squalor in which she lived, isolated from the world was a "choice" and they considered her to have an entitlement to live in squalored conditions. Her Landlord, Whitefriars' Housing Association took the same view. In truth, Jenny was unable to accept help as she was too mentally unwell and she became physically sick because of her untreated mental health problems. 

In 2013, however, following her Son fighting for Jenny's mental health problems to be diagnosed and properly assessed, Jenny was diagnosed by a totally independent Psychiatrist to be suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder that, had it been recognised decades earlier and had statutory services intervened, Jenny could have recovered from. 

In 2013, Jenny was now nearly blind through untreated diabetes as she could not accept help from Doctors. Jenny became very physically ill, she had been switching off the electricity believing that people were watching her whilst she got changed and had been leaving the electricity in her house switched off overnight, the food in the fridge had varied in temperature so much that it had gone bad. Jenny was being sick several times a day and she had lost a dangerous amount of weight. Her GP was noted to have attributed her sickness to the state of her home - the same home that the NHS and her Landlord had stated she had a right to choose to live in squalor in. 

Through a change of heart, Jenny allowed her Son to be part of her life again and he moved back in to the family home permanently. Jenny was rushed into hospital in August 2013, eventually recovered somewhat and was moved to a care home to get ready to return to her own Coventry home.

After a number of months of rehabilitation that saw significant improvements in Jenny's health whilst her Son was also refurbishing her home, Jenny again took a turn for the worse and was admitted in June 2014 to the nearby Warwick Hospital. 

Following a dispute over Jenny's temporary care placement costs and her Son sticking up for her, Coventry City Council's Senior Solicitor saw fit to make false allegations to the Department for Work and Pensions that her Son was mismanaging her money, this was without any grounds or evidence and was later found to be unsubstantiated. Coventry City Council also told Warwick Hospital not to provide any information in relation to Jenny's health to her Son whereas Jenny had insisted that her Son be involved at every stage. The allegations only related to Jenny's finances anyway.

Coventry City Council wanted Jenny to be returned home at any cost as long as it was not a cost to them to continue funding her care home fees whilst her home was in disrepair. 

Due to Warwick Hospital complying with the orders of Coventry City Council, Jenny's Son found out, after Jenny had been transferred to an isolation ward after she was suspected to have contracted a hospital infection, that the hospital had been giving Jenny cow's milk containing lactose, Jenny was allergic to this.

It turned out, following assessments, that Jenny had not had an infection at all and that her symptoms were simply as the result of the lactose that she was allergic to. Jenny was transferred back to the hospital ward that she was on, 10 days after Warwick Hospital had found Jenny fit for discharge, she was dead. Whilst it is true that Jenny was not in the best health, there was every chance that she could have lived more comfortably with her family for years to come. The questionable verdict was diabetes and a heart attack. The Coroner, Sean McGovern couldn't be bothered to look at the compelling evidence of the contribution that statutory services had made towards bringing about an untimely and unexpected death. 

This is only one of many people failed by Coventry. Coventry is in a mess and Coventry is corrupt. Something must be done about it, peacefully but loudly. How many more people will be failed otherwise?

Campaign tactics can be discussed and stories shared on the Gareth Group forums that will shortly be launched. 

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