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Welcome to the FAQ and Contact Wizard. To save you having to wait in queues when either contacting us by letter, E-Correspondence or by telephone, it will save you time if we have the answer to your question here. If you do not find the answer to your question, you can still contact us by selecting the relevant link. If you choose to telephone us, we can also give you a more specific route through our telephony systems to get in touch with the correct division and department. If you have a question we haven't answered, please select the relevant link and we will publish your question. This utility is for frequently asked questions only and not for use by Correspondence Account Holders, Clients, Customers or Employee/Volunteer specific questions. 

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We are not regulated by the Law Society or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As such we cannot give legal advice and none of our activities amount to the same.

"Gareth Group Law" simply refers to our politically neutral interest in upholding fair access to and provision of services offered to people by the public sector and in lawfully campaigning for public bodies to adhere to legislation for the benefit of wider society. 

Any use whatsoever of this website and in particular the Gareth Group Law and Roof websites signifies your acceptance of this position.

We may be able to..

Act as a McKenzie Friend

We derive our discretionary power to quietly assist or to otherwise present a case with the Court's authority and at their discretion as a McKenzie friend (McKenzie v McKenzie [1970] 3WLR 472 3 ALL ER 1034 CA) or otherwise as Litigants in Person.


Gareth Group Law Advocates are not Legal Advocates and our work is solely carried out in the United Kingdom.

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